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Pick Your Party

Not all Pole Dance studios enjoy offering Parties. WE FREAKING LOVE THEM!

We genuinely enjoy seeing you and your squad live your best life on the pole and giving you this uniquely uplifting and empowering experience.


Upbeat, fun and sexy instruction with one of our awesome, certified teachers

Full, private rental of the entire studio space (we are not inside a gym or at someone's home) with 10 permanent & safe poles at our Brandon location and 9 at our St Pete location.

Bangin' party music & lighting with themed decorations (balloons & banner)

Guided before and after photos with props (boa, blow up ring/champagne/etc.)

Make it rain moment (if you're into it) with Money Gun

Customized playlist we create for you

Celebratory Bubbly Toast

Choose from 2 signature parties:

DIVA- A one hour pole dance party that will include a sexy warm up, breakdown of spins and dance moves on the pole and easy to follow choreography. No experience needed to join, best attire is leggings or shorts and bring heels to make it sassy! No lotion on the hands or legs. Cost is $245 minimum which covers up to 7 guests at $35 per person. If less than 7, the minimum is still owed. If more than 7, extra guests can pay at the door.

*You may also choose the DIVA and change the format to Chair/Lap Dance*

SLAY QUEEN- A 90 min. booking that includes Pole AND Chair/Lap Dance. This is a great way to add some spice to your next night in with a loved one as everyone has a chair at home (but not a pole). This party includes all the DIVA elements then is topped off with 30 mins of Chair/Lap Dance where we will show you ways to dance on, off and around the chair with and without a person in it. Cost is $315 minimum which covers 7 guests at $45 per person. If less than 7, the minimum is still owed. If more than 7, extra guests can pay at the door.

This option also comes with a full table set up for any sweet treats of finger foods to be brought in.

(must be easily consumable & bring all necessary plates, napkins, etc.)


At Impulse, we have a "Nice, Naughty, Nasty Spectrum" and if you want us to keep it on the Facebook friendly side, so your Grandma can see you spin and twirl with love and appreciation, let us know! We are very easy going and want you to have fun and feel comfortable. On the flip side, if you want it to be as close to a "stripper experience" as possible we can also help you there, and either way we are just happy you chose us to host your special day!

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