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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make your party stress-free, so let's hit up some FAQs so you are in the know! You may also share this page with your guests, if you like.

What to Wear? Anything your group feels comfortable dancing in! We usually recc shorts or leggings. Shorts will make it easier to execute some of the pole moves but are not required. Keep in mind, this is your party and if you want to get EXTRA we are on your team! We have had parties come in theme- bodysuits, 80's wear, fishnets, layered lingerie, etc. It's your prerogative!

Avoid any lotions or oils on your skin before attending, and within a few hours before. That means if you are staying in one of our lovely FL Beach areas, shower off the suntan lotion or sunblock before the party, or you will be very slippery on the poles. We will also prompt you to remove any extra hand/wrist jewelry to avoid damaging it and the poles as well.


What Will We Learn? Our parties are fun and sexy, we do not plan on making you do any of the drills we normally do in our regular classes which can be rigorous and hard core. We do plan on showing you poses (great for those pictures), transitions like how to move your hips and execute body waves and spins on the pole! You will also get some easy to follow choreography. If you chose one of our other formats, like Lap/Chair Dance or Twerk, expect to learn skills, tricks and easy to follow choreography as well. There is NO EXPERIENCE needed to participate.


What Music is Played? We want you to feel you can get your groove on, so please take advantage of the opportunity to turn in your playlist (48 hrs prior via email) or let us know your preferred genre or artist. We can dance to anything! If you want us to do the DJ'ing that is no problem, too. We have several party playlists on hand we often use.


Is Their a Weight Limit? Our poles are permanently installed, unlike the ones you see in the "fail videos". This means they are safe for upwards of 350lbs. and installed in the concrete flooring and steel beams. We have no wood infrastructure and safety is our priority. We use professional, reputable brands of poles as well, no cheap equipment!


Can We Bring Food? Our 90 min. party comes with a dressed and decorated rectangular table. You can use this to set up light drinks and snacks. Please plan to bring all necessary dry goods as well-plates,cups, napkins, etc. We highly recc you choose finger foods or sweet treats that can be consumed easily. We do not allow for extra time to consume your food and your guests will be more than entertained by the fun on the poles, chairs, etc. We do allow all our parties to bring in a toast, but food is only allowed in the 90 min option. We will ask all food and drink stay off the dance floor.


Do we Tip? Your party instructor will be working hard to make sure you and your guests have a great time, if you feel she earned a tip, feel free to give one! A typical party tip can range from $15+.


What if I have Non-Participating Guests? All guests will count towards your total payment due, even if they do not participate. Believe us, they will be soaking up the vibes and enjoying themselves even if they are hanging out in the seating area.


What if we are late? Do your best to arrive on time, as arriving late does not mean we can extend your booking. We will be ready for you and your guests 15 min prior to your start time. If you know you typically run late, feel free to tell your guests to arrive in that 15 min window prior so we can get you all the time you paid for! If we do not have a party after yours and you want to purchase more time on site for any reason, we may be able to accommodate.

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